Your Boyfriend is Cheating on you, these 8 things will Prove that

6. Lies and manipulation of small things:

It’s human nature that when a person is lying and manipulating things, his gestures and body reveals his nervousness. When you have a slight doubt that he has changed, try to find out why is that happening? Observe his body language and find out the cause of this change.  He might be a cheating boyfriend.

5. Doesn’t love you the way he uses to do:

Love is the purest feelings. It can’t be fake or it can’t be pretended. Your heart will definitely tell you that your boyfriend loves you if he is sincere. Whereas if he is a cheating boyfriend, your heart will give you so many hints that he doesn’t love you the way he uses to. So, if his attitude has changed, and he doesn’t love you the way he uses to do, then there is someone else in his life. He is a cheating boyfriend.

4. Never let you touch  his phone:

If your boyfriend who, never looked at anyone else besides you, is now busy in his phone and prefers it over you, it’s a sign of something is wrong. He might try to hide his phone from you, takes it along everywhere including bathroom or keeps his phone on the airplane mode it’s in your hands then he is a cheating boyfriend.