8 Signs To Prove You’re With A Cheating Boyfriend

6. He’s There and Yet Not

How many times do you want him to be around and he rarely ever shows up? Or has he stopped being interested in your affairs? Once, twice, thrice…it is okay if he isn’t around. But if that number crosses, you are with the wrong guy.

5. He Lacks Commitment of any Kind

Relationships are synonymous to commitment. From smaller ones such as, ‘I’ll take you out every Sunday’ or bigger one such as, ‘We’ll get married and have kids blah blah..’ If he doesn’t commit to anything, he’s not your guy.

4. You Cannot Rely On Him

Is he the person you can call at 3 AM when you’re stuck at a friend’s place and have no way of going home? Does he shy away or is simply unavailable during such times? You are with a cheating boyfriend if he is not reliable for you to count on in difficult times.