6 Reasons Why Getting Back Together Is A Bad Idea

4. It is too late.

A breakup can involve an exchange of harsh words It can even be followed by thinking extremely wrong and negative of one another. Now when you will want to get together, you will need to remember that there is a part of you that thinks harshly of them. Negativity begets negativity, so things may have piled up to help you move on. Now getting together could make things very awkward for the two of you.

3. Unrealistic.

Modern day television shows how simple it is to breakup and get back together. You broke up. It’s okay. They are at a light a few years later after it, and you decide to stop them because that is a great way of getting together… on TV! In real life, it does not happen like this. Once your breakup, you close the door and things should be over then. Don’t think of stopping them like this after so long.